6-Part Buyer's Guide On The Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Cleaner

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Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Cleaner Guide

Whether you want to enhance the look of your home's interior spaces or want to have a nice and soft surface to walk barefoot on, a quality carpet is a wise investment. It does not matter if you prefer a simple spot rug or an enormous wall-to-wall carpet, one thing that you can be sure of is that having a carpet is way better than having a bare flooring that's just plain and cold. However, if you choose to get a carpet, one thing you will have to come to terms with is the huge responsibility to keep it clean. Whether you have pets or children in the house or not, keeping your carpet mess-free is almost impossible. With that said, you have to come up with a plan to keep your valuable investment clean and in good shape.

In the early stages of carpet ownership, you may be tempted to clean your carpet with cleaning products you find around the house. However, this is not the best thing to do, as non-specialized cleaning products are not suitable for rugs and carpets and may damage the fabric, leaving them in a worse state than they were. While this may not happen all the time, using the proper cleaning products is the best option.

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1Why Invest In A Carpet Cleaner?

The only time you are allowed to use non-specialized cleaning products on your carpet is when you are cleaning a small mess. If the mess is not that small, it is best to seek the help of a professional carpet cleaning company or crew. Nowadays, there are so many carpet cleaning companies out there, which is mainly because most people cannot manage to clean their carpets properly at home. However, because there are still not enough service providers out there to meet the demand, the cost of carpet cleaning is not as competitive as it should be.

On top of this, having to deal with an entire carpet cleaning crew in your home every time you have a mess is not very pleasant. The team will most likely come in with their heavy-duty equipment that makes a lot of noise, and this may also cause a lot of inconveniences. When you factor all this, together with the high cost of professional carpet cleaning, you will realize that this may not be the best solution.

So now, you have to think of another carpet cleaning solution that involves fewer inconveniences. Well, the next best option is getting your home carpet cleaner so that you will be able to quickly and conveniently deal with your current as well as future carpet messes. Home carpet cleaners can sometimes be even cheaper than the cost of a single visit from an entire carpet cleaning crew, so they are something worth checking out.

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2About The Product

The Rug Doctor Portable Carpet Cleaner has plenty of amazing features, like the double-suction power that's commonly found in related products. It makes use of an innovative stain removal technology and a powerful handheld oscillating brush. It also features carpet-friendly wheels, a retractable handle, and removable tanks.

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3Who Is Rug Doctor?

Rug Doctor is a leading manufacturer of home carpet cleaning machines and accessories. Because of that, you can expect the portable spot cleaner to live up to the high standards of the company it comes from. The product is feature-rich with a plethora of extras that promises to make your carpet cleaning experience both convenient and enjoyable.

One of the key functions included is the inbuilt deep-down stain removal system. This allows you to perform in-depth cleaning on your carpets and rugs. The doubled suction power guarantees that every piece of dirt, food particles, grime, and other residue are completely removed.

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4Who Can Benefit From It?

If you are in search of an effective carpet cleaner to take care of all your future carpet cleaning activities, the Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner is your best bet at an affordable price. This fantastic cleaner will help you clean your carpet deeply without having to use too much effort or time passing the cleaner head over the fabric multiple times. Another great feature of this cleaner is lightweight and small.

If you are planning to use your carpet cleaner often, it is advisable to get a lightweight machine. It will not exhaust you every time you clean your carpets and rugs. Its small size also means that it does not consume a lot of storage space.

 rug doctor carpet cleaner review

5What Others Say About It

Among the most popular traits of this machine is its high build quality. The cleaner is rugged and, therefore, very durable. Durability is an essential issue to Rug Doctor because its main aim is to make their products last and worth their prices.

A small concern that several people have raised in regards to this cleaner is that it has an awkwardly positioned nozzle when compared to other models. However, this is not an issue per se. So you have no reason to worry.

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6The Buying Advice

The Rug Doctor Portable Spot Cleaner can be bought for $150 on Amazon. If you are lucky, you can even find it on offer for $120 or even cheaper. It is, therefore, one of the more affordable home carpet cleaning machines out there. It weighs in at around 20 lbs.

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If you are in search of a reliable and affordable carpet cleaner for home use so that you do not have to waste a lot of money on hiring carpet cleaning companies, look no further than the Rug Doctor Spot Cleaner. This amazing cleaner will help you clean your carpet in a way you have never done before. You will be able to clean your carpets with a lot less effort and in a considerably less amount of time.

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