11-Part Buyer's Guide On The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner

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How To Remove Stains From Carpets

A pet can be a great addition to your family, but you need to be dedicated to cleaning up after them. If your children have been begging for a pet dog, you need to buy the necessary cleaning appliances if you give in. If you have carpets in your home, a dog will leave a visible trail of dirt behind. Cleaning your carpets by hand will be a lengthy process that takes a lot of patience. If you do not have all day to clean up after your dog, you need to get a carpet cleaner.

The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner will help you get any carpet stains out within minutes. You will be able to use it on the stairs and sofa. With this appliance, you will be saying goodbye to stains and hello to clean carpets. Of course, there is a lot of information that you need to know about the cleaner before you purchase one.

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1About The Product

If you have a large home, cleaning it will generally be a lengthy process. If you prefer carpets to hardwood floors, maintaining them will be a lot of work. When you have hardwood, you will need to wash them every few days. However, carpets will pick up dust and dirt faster and in larger amounts.

It is why you should look at ditching the hand scrub and choose an appliance that will do this for you. The Hoover SteamVac is one of the company's mid-range carpet cleaners that allow you to get rid of dirt with the click of a button. This cleaner offers you CleanSurge system control, three brushroll controls, SpinScrub Technology, and a SmartTanks system. This carpet cleaner weighs 20 pounds and has a 12-amp motor, removable brushes, and a tool mode that helps you to clean different surfaces.

 buying guide for carpet cleaners

2Who Is Hoover?

Almost every American household will have a Hoover appliance. This company has a reputation for manufacturing high-grade cleaning devices for your home. The company has been around since 1907, which means that they have had the time to perfect their machines.

The SteamVac Carpet Cleaner came out around ten years ago and was a hit almost instantly. The company addressed the complaints that the buyers had regarding the cleaner's design in 2016. Hoover is continually innovating their appliances to ensure that its customers are pleased and will have the latest technology.

 buying guide for carpet cleaners

3Who Can Benefit From This?

Anyone who has a lot of carpeting in their home and needs help maintaining it will find that this device is the perfect solution. This carpet cleaner is an in-home appliance that you might never have thought of getting earlier. However, once you have given it a go, you will find yourself wondering why you never bought one before.

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4The SpinScrub System

The effectiveness of this machine is down to the Hoover carpet cleaner's SpinScrub Technology. These devices will come with multi-directional brushes that scrub deeply through the carpets. Once you have turned the machine on, the cleaner's brushes will start to spin.

Your carpet will go through a 360-degree dirt removal. It means that you are going to get a thorough cleaning. Plus, it will only take a few minutes.

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5The Dual Tank System

The dual tank system used by the machine will help keep the cleaning solution separate from the dirty water. You will have to fill the first tank with clean water. There will also be a section in the first tank for the carpet detergent. When you are using the first tank, the water will mix with the detergent to remove stains on your carpet.

The second tank will hold all of the dirty water absorbed from the carpet. It ensures that the carpet cleaner is more effective than its competitors. It is important to note that the dual tank system is unique to Hoover, and it is one of the reasons why this carpet cleaner is as popular as it is.

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6The 3-Speed Brushroll Control

When designing the SteamVac, Hoover included a brushroll control feature. This ensures that it is suited to every type of carpet. There are three settings that you can choose from to provide different cleaning options.

If you have spilled liquid on your carpet, you should select the off-speed for a quick pick-up. If your carpet does not need a thorough cleaning, you can choose the low speed for gentle cleaning. If you have not cleaned your carpet in a while, you should look at the high-speed control, which should do the trick.

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7No Steam Feature

The other Hoover carpet cleaners will automatically boil clean water from the first tank. The purpose is to create steam. However, this model lacks a steam feature.

This means that you will need to use hot tap water to get the most from the machine. It can be inconvenient for some users. You, therefore, need to keep this in mind when considering it.

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8The SpinScrub Hand Tool

Another feature that is unique to the Hoover carpet cleaner is SpinScrub Technology. This hand tool gives you access to hard-to-reach places that still need to be cleaned. If you want to clean behind your couch, this will come in handy.

All you will need to do is have the tool in your hand. Then, use it in the necessary areas. Most users use the hand tool when they need to remove stains from stairs and upholstery.

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9What Other People Say

Most people using this machine have pets. One buyer had to get this machine because of her untrained dogs that leave stains on her carpets. The customer was pleased with the results.

They saw improvement after one use. The Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner worked wonders. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

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10The Buyers' Advice

While the SteamVac carpet cleaner is not the best model that Hoover has to offer, it will still get the job done. Most buyers are generally satisfied with the machine. This is because it is so easy to use.

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11Where To Buy It

When it comes to buying the Hoover SteamVac, Amazon will be the online retailer of choice because of the money-back guarantee offered. If something happens during the delivery of the machine, Amazon will reimburse you. There are no other online retailers that will provide you with an offer like this.

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Are you looking for the best mid-range carpet cleaner on the market? The Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner is on the top. This is based on the reviews.

Of course, when compared to other Hoover cleaners, this one does fall a bit short. However, it is the ideal choice for anyone who wants a basic model. This machine is highly recommended for people looking for a mid-price product that offers consistent results.

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