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 carpet cleaner review
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 carpet cleaner buying guide

Hoover's Deluxe Cleaner Buying Guide

The lion's share of American homes include pets of one kind or another, and as such, those residences need an additional layer of cleaning. Caring for pets is a serious business, as is making sure that their messes are properly addressed. Those with dogs are undoubtedly aware of the type of everyday effort that's required to keep the house looking good. Whenever there are fur balls or dirt streaks on the rug, it is time to get out the cleaning tools for sure. In the past, this may have meant that a liquid carpet cleaning product and a handheld brush would be essential.

These days, however, it is possible to utilize one of the new appliance-based methods of cleaning the carpets. Cleaners of this sort are not unlike traditional vacuums - rather than working to collect dust, these machines are designed to eliminate stains. They apply soap and water to the textiles directly, perform a scrubbing motion, and also dry the surface once the process is done - there is no need to scrub by hand. Hoover is well known among American consumers, and their carpet cleaning products are some of the most popular on the market today.

 carpet cleaner buying guide

1About The Product

There are times when a vacuum cleaner is insufficient to get carpets truly clean. The truth is that vacuums have a relatively limited range of abilities, as they only get rid of food and dust particles in the rug. While it is possible to purchase cleaning liquids on your own to address problem areas, the process of using them is quite time-consuming indeed.

The look and feel of carpeting can be enhanced dramatically with Hoover's FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Carpet Cleaner. This product makes certain that rugs and other textiles remain perfect. Parents will appreciate the way this tool simplifies the time spent in cleaning upholstery as well as carpets. With a weight of 19 pounds, this cleaner offers dual tanks, SpinScrub Technology, and its own system for mixing detergents. It is also equipped with upholstery and stair tools, crevice cleaning attachments, as well as its own storage bag.

 carpet cleaner review

2Facts About Hoover

For over a century, Hoover has had a reputation as one of the best-loved makers of household cleaning tools. The company produces a range of affordable items designed to clean entire homes. Back in 1907, the company began when a custodian with asthma set about to develop a machine capable of alleviating his symptoms. The result was a device that eliminated dust and debris in the air that exacerbated his condition.

Once sufficient financial support was obtained, Hoover was able to flourish. Hoover has moved on and grown over the years, producing machines able to do much more than reducing dust. The FH50150 Scrub Deluxe Cleaner has repeatedly garnered the title of being the top-selling cleaning machine for carpets anywhere in the market.

 carpet cleaner review

3Ideal Users For The Scrub Deluxe Cleaner

This machine is perfect for those with pets known to leave dirty marks all over the house. It is also great for homes with kids that create messes wherever they roam. The Hoover Scrub Deluxe cleaner quickly eradicates nasty stains.

If a drink gets spilled, this is not a cause for alarm. The FH50150 cleaner from Hoover will get to work straight away. It will make it disappear.

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4Industry-Leading SpinScrub System

This machine is equipped with SpinScrub Brush Technology. This is a 360-degree brush mechanism that approaches stains from all directions. Stains are eliminated even when they appear impossible to lift, ensuring that the carpet is thoroughly clean.

Using this Hoover system is not unlike taking a vehicle to a car wash. The numerous angles at which this system works are what set this device apart from the competition. The result is impressive.

 carpet cleaner review

5The System's Dual Tank Advantage

Its dual tank technology enhances the ease of use of this machine. One tank holds heated, clean water and is also equipped with a reservoir for the proprietary cleaning liquid. Once a button is pressed, it is possible to select water alone or water mixed with a solution.

The other tank is meant to pull up the dirty water that comes up from the carpet. All that is needed to use the second tank is to hit a switch. The carpet will be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

 best carpet cleaner for pets

6Its Rinsing Capability

A distinction between this machine and others on the market is its rinsing abilities. The rinse option on this cleaner facilitates the removal of the excess detergent. It is an improvement over competitor cleaners for sure.

7Water Plug Mechanism

It should be noted that this machine offers a plug mechanism. It allows the user to get rid of the dirty water that has accumulated in the secondary tank. There is no need to remove the lid each time the device is used.

It just needs to be removed once the Hoover has completed its service for the remainder of the day. Filters can, therefore, be rinsed thoroughly. Anyone with lots of rugs to manage will surely find this feature appealing.

 best carpet cleaner for pets

8The Consumer Feedback

Those who have used the FH50150 report that they love the machine because it ends the need to clean the rugs by hand. A particular reviewer mentioned that she owns three pets. Because of this, she made a point of testing various cleaners.

In the end, she chose this one because it cleans so deeply and is convenient to use. Numerous buyers agreed with this assessment. This has become one of the most popular machines around.

 carpet cleaner review

9Hearty Buyer And Industry Endorsements

The Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner from Hoover is unrivaled in the value it brings to any household with kids, pets, or an excessive amount of carpeted space. Purchasers will be thoroughly satisfied with the deep clean it brings to carpets. There is no downside to buying this product, as its benefits are seemingly limitless.

10Where To Get One

Numerous retailers offer the Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe; however, Amazon is a preferred choice. Amazon provides the reliability that cannot be beaten. Should anything go wrong with the ordering process, Amazon will make things right.

 best carpet cleaner for pets

The Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner is unmatched in its market-beating ability to get rid of stubborn rug stains and more. The added lifespan it provides to all sorts of carpets throughout the house is truly impressive. Anyone in need of a solid, affordable, and effective carpet cleaner is urged to give this machine some serious consideration.

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